Videos – Ram Dass, Talks About LSD

Ram Dass Talks About LSD

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Amazing! First, I’ve seen very few pictures (no videos) of RA/RD clean-shaven (except for that one with Tim in Be Here Now), so the image of a beardless, boyish RD was striking; then, thinking of the time & context (~’65? ’66?)he was speaking in, as exemplified by the speaker before; and finally, talking of similar topics I’d heard him speak of much later (competition vs. collaboration, the identities we wear like clothing, etc.) all made for a video I’ll revisit time & time again. And the great last line: “Timothy–wise old Timothy–says, ‘trust your nervous system.'” And blackout.

Comment by Phil Linz

Hi Phil!

I’m glad you like the content, I’ve been a little lazy the last month or so not updating with content, it’s nice to know I’m reaching some people and encouraging. I’ll have to set some time aside to update and add some more content soon. Keep checking back and if you liked Ram Dass check out some of the Krishnamurti vids, that guy is awesome!


~ Echo

Comment by Michael-Echo Roberson

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