Videos – Krishnamurti, At The End of Sorrow is Passion

Washington D.C. Talks
At The End of Sorrow is Passion (1:25hrs)

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Thank you for posting the videos and audios of Krishnamurti! I hope that you will continue to post as new ones become available to you.

I find Krishnamurti’s ideas to be the most profound and practical. It’s interesting to contrast these ideas with those currently in vogue – Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking, Creating Your Own Reality, etc. I’d be interested in hearing what others might have to say about this. Cheers.

Comment by Transparent Human

I hear you on the “ad water, have everything you want” craze! Ever since the (Secret Movie) came out everyone has gone a little bananas. Even I made out a check to myself for a million dollars, went to a Kinko’s enlarged it and hung it on my wall… fingers crossed. No doubt there is a lot of truth to the “laws of attraction” but fundamentally people aren’t addressing the issues that are really important. What good is a million dollars if you’re not happy?

In any case I’m working, working and working more on getting myself together or as -K- would say… “getting my house in order”. There isn’t anything in the world more important to me right now, the jig is up and I’m not turning back!

One thing is for sure, more and more people are “waking up” its very exciting. I don’t know how and when the transformation of mans consciousness will tip the scale for the better but we’re making progress.

I’ll be uploading about 6 more hours of Krishnamurti videos this weekend so stay tuned!

~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

I’ve heard that a great many people have not been able to see any success with the Law Of Attraction/Create Your Own Reality fad – myself included. I think that it may partly be due to the fact that our motivation to “manifest” comes from a desire to ESCAPE what IS, to use a Krishnamurti term, rather than face our realities directly, as they are now.

What’s interesting is that all of these New Age/Self-Help methods for manifesting your dreams consistently propose THOUGHT as the agent of creation. However, Krishnamurti, as far as I can tell, says NO! Thoughts are agents of fragmentation and thus separative. He actually says this in the video with David Bohm, “The Future Of Humanity, Part 2.” Clearly, these New Age gurus have not listened closely to K, lol.

I would agree with K on this one. In my experience Thought and even Feeling are not the agents of creation. In listening to K speak in the videos I’m gathering that perhaps transcending thought altogether is what is needed. Any thoughts?

Looking forward to the new videos! By the way, did the “million dollar” check thing work?

Comment by TransparentHuman

Hello again TH,

I really like what you said with:

“our motivation to “manifest” comes from a desire to ESCAPE what IS”

Doesn’t that just about say it all? I think you nailed it! I don’t know if you had a chance to watch the video I posted yesterday of Christopher Titmuss called “A Life Transformed“… OH my, my, my… did I run across this video at the perfect time.

The reason I bring it up is he touches on exactly what you brought up, our MOTIVATION and DESIRE to escape. Basically he makes the point that the in the entire existence of mankind on earth today has this commonality between us:

1. The pursuit of security through ownership.
2. The maximization and pursuit of pleasure.
3. Developing a sense of self-worth through what we do, e.g. career and accomplishments.

He then makes the point that the common thread between these three things is MONEY. I listened to that paused the video and let it sink in, YES these three things are common to all mankind on earth. This isn’t how its supposed to be naturally but our conditioning has trapped us in this box of a homogenized society. Our conditioning is so deep and we are so convinced that THIS is the way its supposed to be, we’ve all identified with our jobs, money, cars, etc.

So when you bring up the point about our motivations and desires to manifest all these nice things so that we might ESCAPE, that is a fact only we don’t know we’re trapped! I don’t even think we know why we want half the things we want that’s why you get people who come into money but still can’t find joy and happiness in their lives. We know something is wrong, there is a void so we buy things, go on trips, jump off cliffs but we don’t know why?

With regard to using THOUGHT as the agent of creation I think there is some validity to that. With that said YES, thought is fragmenting if only we could all realize that then perhaps we’d be better off. I believe thought is an agent of creation in the same way if you think you’re depressed… then you’re depressed. I don’t know the science behind it, if any at all but it seems to me that if you are mindful of your thoughts and in awareness… out of that awareness you can manifest a particular lifestyle.

You might find yourself fantasizing about that new BMW you saw earlier in the day, a person who is asleep might just keep on thinking about how nice it would be to have it, what they would look like in it, etc. A person who is mindful might see the BMW, notice the desire for it and in seeing the desire decides whether to follow through with it or let it pass. If the mindful person lets it pass or follows through with it that’s probably not what is important, rather the awareness to STOP see it and make a conscious, awake decision as opposed to day dreaming about it.

Sitting there visualizing… I don’t know about all that off hand it seems like a waste of energy, energy that can be used to stay awake in the “real world”.

I’m just playing with this, what do you think?

~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

Hi Echo,

I will definitely listen to “A Life Transformed.” I completely agree with his three points you listed above – it’s exactly how I lived my life up until recently.

I agree with everything you said in your last post, particularly:

“I don’t even think we know why we want half the things we want that’s why you get people who come into money but still can’t find joy and happiness in their lives. We know something is wrong, there is a void so we buy things, go on trips, jump off cliffs but we don’t know why?”

What you said right there is EXACTLY the reason why so many of us who try the Law of Attraction fad fail: we attempt it in order to escape that void or emptiness, but there’s no power in that, the motivation is wrong. It’s also the reason why I’m still not convinced that THOUGHT (any conscious mental activity or effort)or WANTING or DESIRING alone create. Sure, we may think we want a good-paying job and go out and FIND one, and we may think we want a trophy wife or rich husband and FIND one -but is that MANIFESTING? I don’t believe so. I think it’s something more subtle than that.

In my opinion manifesting may involve the inner being, or BEING-NESS as I call it, the authentic you. It is free of our usual self-concepts and identities. We’re not usually conscious of this BEING-NESS because we’re too busy with our responsibilities, obligations, escaping, etc. So, perhaps those of us who haven’t had success with the Law of Attraction were probably chasing after things that we did not GENUINELY want because it didn’t come from this inner Beingness.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the “Seth” books by Jane Roberts, but basically this idea of BEING-NESS I got from Seth discussions on the Families of Consciousness:

I’ve only recently started putting my ideas together so I can’t really say I’ve had “success” as of yet. But who knows.

Comment by Transparent Human

You know I’m actually not all that convinced that thought has anything to do with manifesting anything either, truth is I think I’m hesitating to really go into the question because I WANT that to be the truth. I think that I want thought to be the tool to manifest material wealth and toys. In saying that it doesn’t mean its true but I think I’m dusting off the old lens or I’m removing one of my many filters to get at the question. Oh this conditioning is a tricky thing isn’t it!

You know you mentioned “BEING-NESS” which reminded me of something Christopher Titmuss said… we’re not BEING HUMAN, (human beings)… we’re more like “HUMAN-BECOMINGS”. Meaning we’re always going to be this or that, its always going to happen tomorrow, etc. I thought that was a powerful statement.

I’ll go check out the seth books today, who knows maybe I’ll have some of that info on here soon! Let me know what you think of the Christopher Titmuss video “A Life Transformed” if you get a chance to watch it.


Comment by casualtyofdesign

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