What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?


I ask myself this question everyday… what will it take to bring about absolute peace in the world? I don’t have a fix-all solution for the world but I have come upon a realization so profound that it has dramatically changed my view of life and purpose in this world.

As a matter of fact there isn’t anything more important in my life than to investigate the human condition so that I along with everyone else might know absolute peace.

What is absolute peace?

I haven’t the slightest idea what absolute peace is… actually I do have ideas about it but that is all they are, ideas! This world that we live in has never known peace, so any notion or idea that I come up with for peace is just a concept for we have never know true world peace. For centuries we have fought amongst one another shedding blood in the name of ones religion, country, faith, etc.

It is clear that we all have ideas of what peace should look like. If you’re a Christian you will say follow the word of the Bible and you will know peace. If you are Jewish you will say follow the word of the Old Testament and you will know peace. If you are Muslim you will say follow the words of Allah and the Quran and you will surely know peace.

There are thousands and thousands of other books and religions that have ideas about what we must all do to bring about peace in this world and all of them are willing to die to prove it.

Top 5 Religions in The World

    Christian 2 Billion
    Islam 1.2 Billion
    Hinduism 785 Million
    Buddhism 360 Million
    Judaism 17 Million

What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

If you ask yourself the same question and truly understand the question completely you will see the answer is in understanding the question itself.

When I ask myself this question immediately a problem arises and for me to solve any problem I first look at what has been done that has not worked to fix the problem. Once you see what has not worked in the past you can then eliminate it and move forward, make progress.

Without casting judgment or a skewed opinion I can clearly see that looking at our history completely as a human race, all organized religions and systems of government have failed to bring about peace. I’m not stating an opinion but looking at the actual facts of our past.

I’m also not singling out any one religion and as a matter of fact I’m including all the so called non-religions too, Atheist, etc.

To see things as they actually are is not easy for most people because for most of us including myself… we’ve been conditioned to believe one thing or another from our parents, schools, etc. As a matter of fact most people will never truly be able to examine this question completely because their conditioning is so deep they can’t even understand the question and as I said above, the answer to this question is in understanding the question itself. What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

If you and I can quiet our minds if only for a moment to step outside of what we know and see things truly how they are that is in itself a miracle.

Another interesting question to put to oneself is: Why do I have to know everything?

It seems as though we are brought up with this idea that we have to know what happens to us when we die, we have to know the meaning of life, we have to know EVERYTHING. This is a fundamental flaw in the way we are all brought up.

We don’t have to know everything, there is an infinite freedom in realizing this. You know that saying “some things are better left unknown”… well it’s true. Instead of interpreting different books, scrolls and ancient text from the past how about living right now? Instead of spending countless years of ones life KNOWING what you know how about waking up each day ready to find out?

For a person to wake each day KNOWING the word of god or the purpose of all humanity is really saying something about that person. For a person to wake up each day and know for a fact without a doubt that life started in this one particular way and this is what you must do in order to secure eternal salvation is in itself doing a disservice to your beliefs.

What audacity a person would have to have to believe they have “truth”, and what a shame it is to never wake up from that state of mind.

A state of mind that reads from the same book and says the same prayers over and over again surely isn’t the mind that will bring about peace in this world rather this is a mind that has been frozen and is no longer dynamic and progressive.

The mind that is to bring about peace in this world has no ties to books, churches, nations, temples or congregations. The mind that will bring about peace in this world will come from the human being that realizes this completely and this human being will go to sleep each night knowing that when he or she wakes the next day everything he or she knew the day before has nothing to do with that new day.

So again I ask myself. What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

I can realize that in this world, in this existence in order to change the world I must change myself. In order to bring about absolute peace in the world I cannot live my life by the interpretations of other men, I must find out for myself what it is to know peace and in the process I must not only read and explore this intellectually but I must live this in my daily life.

Living and manifesting peace in the world has nothing to do with going to church or reading a book, it has everything to do with loving everyone UNCONDITIONALLY and speaking the truth always.

Loving everyone unconditionally is not the same as what all the religions of the world teach today. What the religions of the world teach you today is to TOLERATE one another not love one another. A Christian might say he loves a Jew but this is far from the “truth”. The fact that you subscribe to one religion or another implies that the other religion is wrong and damned… this is not love but fear.

Fear has no place in the enlightenment of humanity or day to day life. Fear breads hate, war, aggression, murder and insecurity in the world. Christians fear Muslims and Jews fear Atheist and Catholics fear Hindus and the list goes on and on.

See this all for what it is… it’s what you’ve been told, that’s all… nothing more. What you’ve been told is what they’ve been told and what they’ve been told is what someone told them and it goes on and on. It’s time to break this cycle… break free from the KNOWN.

Being a good Christian or Catholic is nothing more than an idea and ideas have nothing to do with peace.

Join the revolution and step into the UNKNOWN. Forget everything you know each day when you wake up and find out what life is all about each day as a new.

What would Jesus do? I’ll tell you what he did… BUT DON’T BELIEVE ME!!!

Go find out for yourself read the Bible but don’t take it as the word of god. When you’re finished reading the Bible pick up the Quran or the Buddhist 7 Noble Truths and continue seeking the truth but for the sake of all humanity don’t ever say you KNOW the truth.

The truth, the answers to all the universe and the purpose of all humanity cannot be quantified in any book, sermon or gospel for the truth for lack of a better word is ineffable.

If you want to live in a world of peace then drop the church, don’t call yourself a Buddhist or Atheist instead of talking the talk… walk the walk. In walking the walk you understand that to connect to the absolute truth that connection is through love. If you understand this then all your actions will be from a place of love and in acting from love you are expressing the truth.

So in summary: To bring about peace in the world I have to change myself, if I can change myself I have done all I can to change the world. Living life day to day, each day a new with all my actions and words coming from a place of love not ideologies, religions or beliefs but from unconditional love… in that ACTION you are realizing peace and from that realization others will come into realization as well.

Don’t take my word for it, go find out for yourself. Examine what it is that you KNOW and examine how it is that you’ve come to know what you know, then forget it. Once you’ve done that then ask yourself what can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

Understand that question completely and you will have the answer.



Memorial Day Is Anything But Memerorble


Hello to you all, I’ve been gone for over a month now and haven’t been writing but I can assure you… I’m back, with purpose!

Today I’d like to talk about what most of the country has forgotten, ironically on this very day “Memorial Day”. The topic of today’s discussion is none other than purpose.

What is your purpose?

Today, Memorial Day we’re supposed to be remembering those who have fallen in the many wars and battles securing our liberties and freedom. Please excuse me if you are offended by me saying so but it seems to me that Memorial Day is everything but remembrance.

Living here in southern California I can assure you that Memorial Day is nothing more then a sign that Summer is here and reason to go to the beach. I would like to note that before heading to the beach you would be hard pressed not to stop at Macy’s to pick up some new attire as they are always having their annual Memorial Day sale!

Let us assume for a moment that in a perfect world, Memorial Day wasn’t a big beach party and people actually did stop to remember our fallen soldiers. In this perfect world where we all stop pay our respects, watch the parades and television specials… at the end of the day what good would have come of it?

Basically I’m trying to figure out (1) what is the point of remembering that people have died in wars most of us know nothing about and (2) if we actually did pay our respects in remembrance and not party… would our simple “remembering” contribute any progress or advancement to mankind? After all these soldiers were fighting for our progress and advancement correct?

So back to the perfect world envisioned where we all actually do pay our respects. Simply paying our respects in my opinion isn’t good enough.

I would think that anyone who has actually died in a previous war wouldn’t want anyone to romanticize over that fact but rather take advantage of the opportunities secured for them. Some might argue that having a party, going to the beach and cracking open a Bud Light is taking advantage of the opportunities secured for them but I’m assuming anyone reading this post is educated, articulate and at the least a “C” average student… so let’s not go there.

On Memorial Day we remember those who have fought so bravely or those who were all but forced to fight, but what exactly were they fighting for? This is a loaded question I know but it is a question worth examining because after all it is Memorial Day.

On this Memorial Day do we remember those Native Americans who fought against those who came to this land uninvited? On this Memorial Day do we remember the southern confederate soldier who fought to keep slavery alive?

As you can see we are in deep waters here or a slippery slope whatever you prefer, my point being that this day deserves more than high fives, sun tan lotion, barbecues and drunk driving. Memorial Day should actually be the one day out of the year were we all collectively try to remember how this came to be, the United States and what is our purpose.

When I stop to ask myself this question, what is my purpose it is abundantly clear to me that it has nothing to do with a 9-5 job, a new car, designer clothes or putting a ring on anyone’s finger in a facade most of us continue to perpetuate. My life’s purpose or your lifes purpose for that matter has nothing to do with anyone else but rather everything to do with you.

Do you want to share your life with someone else? How about figuring out what your life is about first?

We all want to be a part of something bigger but don’t know the first thing about ourselves. I’m married to this person, or I’m from this state, or I’m an American… how can you be ANYTHING when you don’t know who you are?

Again I ask, what is your purpose?

If you think it is your purpose to have children, start a family or hold a high ranking job with a six figure income then it is time to do some serious soul searching. All of those things are secondary and cannot be truly enjoyed or realized unless you know what your purpose is.

I cannot tell you what your purpose is but only remind you that you have one. In a world full of distractions it is all to easy to forget or for that matter to have never even put the question to ones self.

So on this Memorial Day, let us forget what we previously celebrated and let us remember who we truly are. On this Memorial Day let us find our purpose in life and from there manifest a life and world worth remembering.

What is your purpose?

What Does The Truth Mean To You?


The world and all of its inhabitants are at a critical juncture right now. We are living our daily lives on this beautiful blue planet in the midst of the deep, dark vastness of cold space. Such a fortunate chain of events to be here typing on this keyboard communicating with potentially anyone in the world.

Is this really happening right now or am I the only one who sees how unbelievably amazing this life really is?

If any of us walk outside and just notice the smallest blade of grass it has so many complex and fascinating functions going on, how did this come to be? From a blade of grass to a bumble bee and forest full of Red Wood trees, there is amazement and “the impossible” all around us yet none of us seem to take any notice.

earthHave we become so conditioned and desensitized that the oceans, skies and green earth have no significance anymore? All of us the entire world is looking to the horizon for bigger and better things, a new car, a new house, fancy clothes and for what?

We’ve taken refuge in the shallow materialistic illusions that are spoon fed to us daily via the internet, magazines and television. Is anyone else out there wondering… where is all this going, how much longer can we keep this facade up?

What is our purpose, its not to accumulate wealth, iPhones, Gucci purses, Rolex watches, etc. These things can’t really be the reason all the stars in this galaxy are in the exact right place for you and I to be breathing!

We all have a purpose on this earth but it seems as though year by year with each new software upgrade and American Idol superstar we are getting further and further away from any kind of purpose at all.

Can’t we see how unbelievably fortunate we are to be alive? Not only are we alive but we’re conscious of this… WOW! Think of all the things that had to happen in the universe in order for you to be sitting there right now reading this blog post! Are you kidding me, this is quite literally a miracle only we’re living like its not.

If we truly lived the miracle would there be war, hunger… shopping malls?

Why are we living such shallow lives when there are deep oceans of discovery and love available to us? We have been bestowed the most precious gift in the universe this planet and the privilege to live consciously but all we want to do is war and battle as to how it all into existence. Why are we so focused on spreading the “good word” (speculation) of how this earth came to be? Why are we dwelling and guessing on the past when we have everything we need RIGHT NOW?

For me to keep my sanity I’ve got to believe that people really don’t believe what they’re reading when they open a Bible, Quran, Torah or any other book of this nature.

The survival of humanity is not in any book and its certainly not in a church but it is in your neighbors eyes. Look at your fellow man, brother and sister… look right in their eyes. Can you not see yourself looking right back? We all have the same fears and anxieties, the collective consciousness is alive. We need to connect with one another not tell each other how it is and how its going to be. None of us know and all the pointing to the sky, reading in your books and lighting inscense is going to help.

We’ve lost touch with one another, we need to wake up! The truth isn’t out there somewhere, its not in next years promotion at your job, the truth isn’t in a new pair of shoes or wrapped in a present under a tree.

religionsThe truth is all around us always has been so lets start living like it. Wake up, wake up the people around you, wake up your family get off the maintenance program and unplug. The whole world needs fixing but you can start with yourself right now. If you belong to a church look at it for what it is… separation from the rest of us. If you truly want peace in the world then you must realize that it isn’t possible in a world of US and THEM.

A world where there are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhist, Amish, etc., there will never be peace… how could there be? One might say, well you don’t have to believe what I believe I will still love you but that is the furthest thing from the truth. The religions of the world don’t love one another they tolerate one another at best. Tolerance is not love, love is healing and manifest beauty and bliss as tolerance breeds insecurity, armies and war.

Are you really ready for the truth? Well if you are get out there and find out for yourself! If you search your feelings and are honest with yourself you’ll come to see as I have attaching a label to yourself, wearing a cross or star of David around your neck has nothing to do with the truth but everything to do with… what you’ve been told.

Don’t do what you’ve been told since you where born, don’t do what they tell you to do on television… find out what the truth is for yourself. Please find out what the truth is for the sake of the world.


~ Echo

If Aliens Ruled The World
February 17, 2009, 1:16 pm
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I often times find myself sitting in Starbucks or on a walk with my iPod fantasizing what it would be like if an alien race came from out of the sky. I don’t fantasize of one or two ships but of hundreds upon thousands lining every inch of earths skyline.

Not only do I fantasize of this actually happening but my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping, wishing and praying that they come. Don’t ask me who I’m praying to exactly but still… I pray.

Reason I’m praying for aliens to come to earth is I think it would take such an event to be the catalyst to wake mankind from its consumer comatose and me, me, me mentality.

With all the division and separation that we’ve all manifested in this beautiful world of ours its apparent that WE… all of us collectively have forgot that there is only one of us. We’ve built up our nations, states, religions and drawn our imaginary lines in the earth… and for what?

What possible good can come of there being a United States? Can’t we see that the United Nations is an institution that with all its good intentions is ironically doing more damage to the whole of mankind?

With the whole of mankind divided in such a way with all our dogmas, nations and religions it seems to me that ALIENS are the perfect solution. I think if an alien life form came and lets assume they where violent then possibly mankind would remember we’re all in this together.

Of course this tactic probably wouldn’t work either for it would simply make another division HUMANS vs. ALIENS and even if we “won” and the aliens left, we’d still be dealing with the same psyche that got us mixed up in the first place.

Hmmm now that I think about it, if aliens did come and they tried to take over and we fought back and won… it wouldn’t make a bit of difference because the whole of humanity would have acted out of FEAR.

Well I think I’ve come to my own conclusion, I’ll continue to work on myself and let the rest of humanity fall into place.

In any case I’ll still have fun with my colorful imagination!


~ Echo

All We’re Saying… Give Peace A Chance
February 15, 2009, 4:20 pm
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“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

Its been said by a great many people throughout history but is anyone listening? One thing is for sure 99.9% of us on this planet want peace, so what’s it going to take? What is going to have to happen before we actually wake up and give peace a chance?

Will it take an event larger than 9/11, it seems as though that is the road we’re on. All the hype and speculation of events to come in the year 2012, if you ask me it seems like a self fulfilling prophecy.

There can’t be anything possibly more important in the world right now than finding peace.

~ Echo

What Will It Take For There To Be Peace In The World?


Is peace in the world possible? A very simple question but much more complicated answer. The other problem is for as many people that are asked this question there are sure to be just as many answers which then gives rise to another question… Is there more than one solution to world peace?

This is a slippery slope we’re heading up/down but no matter how you want to look at it, its of the utmost urgency that we figure it out soon.

Our planet is comprised of 195 separate nations all of which have their own governments, cultures, languages and history. The majority of the nations in the world are ruled by what we call democratic governments all of which are setup with the idea that the citizens of each respective nation have equal say in electing government officials who will eventually make the countries laws and policies.

Lets see… we live on this single planet, as far as we know the only planet capable of sustaining life in the entire universe. This big beautiful blue speck full of life in the middle of the cold vastness of space. Here we are the 6 billion of us not even a grain of sand relative to the deep reaches of space… lucky to be here would be an understatement. Its apparent we’ve forgotten or we don’t care just how lucky we actually are. If we lived in appreciation of this wonderful miracle of a planet how could we possibly go on the way we do?

If we were truly aware and awake to this wonderful gift of life, what significance would money have in this world? If we were truly thankful for this planet we live on, this wonderful glorious planet how could there possibly be such a thing as a nuclear weapon or a country that makes them?

What has happened to us, where and when did we forget that we are all part of a whole? With all of the division on the planet can we not see that we are doomed to destroy ourselves?

“No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves. -Ojibwa saying”

195 separate nations all of which are divided even more within those nations. What role does a nation have in the survival of the planet for which we ALL live on? What possible good comes from these imaginary  lines that we have drawn? Why have we built fortresses and walls around ourselves dividing ourselves from our brothers and sisters?

Can we not see that the man and wife, mother and daughter on the other side of the planet share the same basic needs we do? Why do we let fear control the way we live our daily lives? Dr. Wayne Dyer brought up a good point recently. He pointed out that the same guy who would run over to pull you out of a burning house is the same guy that works at the bank who would foreclose on your home.

There are enough resources in the world for everyone to live a comfortable and peaceful life but we are killing, raping and destroying the very planet that gives us life. In addition to that we’re lost and disconnected from one another. We don’t see the connection between all of us, what is it going to take to get everyone to see we are all connected?

So I ask you with all the division in the world, with our 195 nations, countless states, numerous religions, governments, etc., is peace possible in the world?

~ Echo