Krishnamurti – What Love Is Not, Complete Series 12 Videos 13+ Hours

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I just completed uploading the entire Krishnamurti series, “What Love Is Not”. I haven’t even had the opportunity to watch all the videos myself yet but as I do I’ll be posting separate post on each individual video to give you my thoughts and perspective.

There are plenty of other videos in the fold so stay tuned. Also if anyone reading this would like to donate videos of other teachers please contact me. This blog is to be diverse and varied so the more the better.



Krishnamurti Video – Can We Together Create A Good Society

This is the 2nd of 12 videos in the series “What Love is Not”, this particular video is titled “What Can We Do Together To Create a Good Society?”

In the beginning of the video -K- recaps on the previous days discussion touching on the topic of thinking together. He emphasizes how important it is to put ones own history, dogmas and beliefs behind so that the group can think together.

He then asks us to examine the very nature of thought. If we look closely we can see that thought itself has been conditioned. The very nature of thought as we know it is an evolutionary process our thoughts are always trying to do something or be something.

-K-, then asks us to ask ourselves, psychologically is there a tomorrow? If we find that there isn’t a tomorrow psychologically what then is the relationship between 2 humans?

It seems that over time we as humans have accepted the idea that gradually with time things will get better. It is also apparent that measurement has become extremely important to societies around the world. This becomes notably clear when you see the individuals mentality within a society is… what one was, what one is and what one will be. This is all measured in time.

If you can see this then one must ask is there psychologically time at all or has thought invented time psychologically?

Is it possible that thought has invented time because it is trifling and lazy? Thought doesn’t want to deal with what is happening right now, thought puts a plan together to fix whatever the problem is in the future, down the road somewhere. If you examine this closely you will see that this is how we’ve been taught to think, this is a reflection of our conditioning. It goes the same for us here in America as it does in Africa, Europe or wherever else, the root of this is the conditioned mind.

-K-, then briefly looks at the history of mankind and how we’ve tried to create perfect and peaceful societies. He compares the systems that were put in place by the ancient Greeks and Hindus. Both of these systems were independent of one another and for a time succeeded but as any system or idea that is implemented into society both of them eventually failed.

Now here we are today in present society, can we together create a good society?

If we are to bring about a peaceful and good society will it come about from some set of ideas or a system or is it something that has to happen immediately with us thinking together?

If we are thinking together is time involved in bringing about this new society or is that something our minds have been conditioned to think?

Please do watch this video and ad your comments. Tell me what you like or didn’t like about it, let talk and investigate together.


Krishnamurti Video – Is there a way out?

The beginning of this video starts off like most Krishnamurti videos, he asks the audience to think and investigate together. I must say however that this particular introduction is the best one I’ve seen to date. The attention that -K- demands is amazing.

In order to think together -K- points out that one must let go of all oppositions, accepting or denying. In order to think together there cannot be your thinking and my thinking, separate… it is together thinking. He goes on to explain either you understand it as a intellectual concept which then becomes your concept and the others concept drawing from all your previous experiences and the other drawing from their previous experiences and you both intellectually reach separate conclusions. That is not thinking together.

To think together there cannot be any barrier between your thinking and the others thinking… you have to do it together. If you can think in this way where there is nothing personal then you can move forward to investigate questions together. This movement is a totally different quality of insight into a problem and you can see things for how they really are.

Is it possible for you and another or for any 2 people or group of people to actually do this? Can you put aside all of your previous experience and judgments so that your mind and the others can come together?

KRISHNAMURTI VIDEO “Chrisis In Ourselves”

This is the second of a 6 part series of videos originally shot in 1982 at the Oak Grove in Ojai, California. This video is just over an hour long shot in full color with great audio.

This video is entitled “A Crisis In Ourselves”, it would seem that Krishnamurti addressed an issue back in 1982 that we are all still dealing with today. Actually are we dealing with the crisis in ourselves at all? Do we even see the crisis within or are we too stupefied to notice what is actually happening?

Krishnamurti makes it clear that there is something wrong with the state of affairs in the world only we are not dealing with the problem in the right way. We can all see that for thousands of years mankind has lived in terrible suffering and pain.

Century after century we continue to fight, create war, conflict and kill one another. Looking back we can see that we’ve tried several different means to bring peace. We’ve formed nations and armies to protect and give us a sense of security but to no avail, only a false sense of security. We’ve created governments to bring order to our societies and yet to this very day there hasn’t been a successful government to bring peace and cessation of fear.

In this video Krishnamurti ask us to look at this fact deeply. If we are at all serious, are we willing to bring about a complete change in the physiological mind that created all the past wars and wars of today?

If we are truly serious about this we must recognize that nothing we’ve done in the past has worked so obviously we need to make a complete and total change. We must first take care as to how we approach the problems of the world because if we try to FIX the problems coming from our conditioned minds and our approach comes from fear then our solution will be based on fear.

If we take great care to approach this very serious issue that the entire lot of mankind faces then perhaps we might make progress and see where to begin. If one does approach these issues very carefully one will find that the problems of the world today are not out there somewhere but rather within us all.

Please do feel free to post your comments about the video, I’d like to know what you think. You participation is encouraged, lets talk it up!


Krishnamurti Video “Holistic Observation”

This is the first of a 6 part series of videos originally shot in 1982 at the Oak Grove Ojai, California. This first video is just over an hour long shot in full color with great audio.

Krishnamurti speaks to a larger group of eager listeners, the title for this first segment is “Holistic Observation”. The theme of this first video is Krishnamurti asking rhetorical questions to the group prepping them for this very serious dialog. A lot of the questions that Krishnamurti asks the listeners beckon them to really dig deep perhaps so that they can realize just how serious this inquiry really is.

The talk is very enjoyable, you’ll notice especially if you have headphone on that there are birds singing in the background and an occasional horse. Although this dialog is a very serious one indeed there are a couple of moments of laughter but your wouldn’t know it by the look on Krishnamurti’s face.

Like I said this is just the first video of six so stay tuned for the rest as I’ll be uploading them in the next couple of days. Please do feel free to post your comments about the video, I’d like to know what you think. You participation is encouraged, lets talk it up!