What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?


I ask myself this question everyday… what will it take to bring about absolute peace in the world? I don’t have a fix-all solution for the world but I have come upon a realization so profound that it has dramatically changed my view of life and purpose in this world.

As a matter of fact there isn’t anything more important in my life than to investigate the human condition so that I along with everyone else might know absolute peace.

What is absolute peace?

I haven’t the slightest idea what absolute peace is… actually I do have ideas about it but that is all they are, ideas! This world that we live in has never known peace, so any notion or idea that I come up with for peace is just a concept for we have never know true world peace. For centuries we have fought amongst one another shedding blood in the name of ones religion, country, faith, etc.

It is clear that we all have ideas of what peace should look like. If you’re a Christian you will say follow the word of the Bible and you will know peace. If you are Jewish you will say follow the word of the Old Testament and you will know peace. If you are Muslim you will say follow the words of Allah and the Quran and you will surely know peace.

There are thousands and thousands of other books and religions that have ideas about what we must all do to bring about peace in this world and all of them are willing to die to prove it.

Top 5 Religions in The World

    Christian 2 Billion
    Islam 1.2 Billion
    Hinduism 785 Million
    Buddhism 360 Million
    Judaism 17 Million

What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

If you ask yourself the same question and truly understand the question completely you will see the answer is in understanding the question itself.

When I ask myself this question immediately a problem arises and for me to solve any problem I first look at what has been done that has not worked to fix the problem. Once you see what has not worked in the past you can then eliminate it and move forward, make progress.

Without casting judgment or a skewed opinion I can clearly see that looking at our history completely as a human race, all organized religions and systems of government have failed to bring about peace. I’m not stating an opinion but looking at the actual facts of our past.

I’m also not singling out any one religion and as a matter of fact I’m including all the so called non-religions too, Atheist, etc.

To see things as they actually are is not easy for most people because for most of us including myself… we’ve been conditioned to believe one thing or another from our parents, schools, etc. As a matter of fact most people will never truly be able to examine this question completely because their conditioning is so deep they can’t even understand the question and as I said above, the answer to this question is in understanding the question itself. What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

If you and I can quiet our minds if only for a moment to step outside of what we know and see things truly how they are that is in itself a miracle.

Another interesting question to put to oneself is: Why do I have to know everything?

It seems as though we are brought up with this idea that we have to know what happens to us when we die, we have to know the meaning of life, we have to know EVERYTHING. This is a fundamental flaw in the way we are all brought up.

We don’t have to know everything, there is an infinite freedom in realizing this. You know that saying “some things are better left unknown”… well it’s true. Instead of interpreting different books, scrolls and ancient text from the past how about living right now? Instead of spending countless years of ones life KNOWING what you know how about waking up each day ready to find out?

For a person to wake each day KNOWING the word of god or the purpose of all humanity is really saying something about that person. For a person to wake up each day and know for a fact without a doubt that life started in this one particular way and this is what you must do in order to secure eternal salvation is in itself doing a disservice to your beliefs.

What audacity a person would have to have to believe they have “truth”, and what a shame it is to never wake up from that state of mind.

A state of mind that reads from the same book and says the same prayers over and over again surely isn’t the mind that will bring about peace in this world rather this is a mind that has been frozen and is no longer dynamic and progressive.

The mind that is to bring about peace in this world has no ties to books, churches, nations, temples or congregations. The mind that will bring about peace in this world will come from the human being that realizes this completely and this human being will go to sleep each night knowing that when he or she wakes the next day everything he or she knew the day before has nothing to do with that new day.

So again I ask myself. What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

I can realize that in this world, in this existence in order to change the world I must change myself. In order to bring about absolute peace in the world I cannot live my life by the interpretations of other men, I must find out for myself what it is to know peace and in the process I must not only read and explore this intellectually but I must live this in my daily life.

Living and manifesting peace in the world has nothing to do with going to church or reading a book, it has everything to do with loving everyone UNCONDITIONALLY and speaking the truth always.

Loving everyone unconditionally is not the same as what all the religions of the world teach today. What the religions of the world teach you today is to TOLERATE one another not love one another. A Christian might say he loves a Jew but this is far from the “truth”. The fact that you subscribe to one religion or another implies that the other religion is wrong and damned… this is not love but fear.

Fear has no place in the enlightenment of humanity or day to day life. Fear breads hate, war, aggression, murder and insecurity in the world. Christians fear Muslims and Jews fear Atheist and Catholics fear Hindus and the list goes on and on.

See this all for what it is… it’s what you’ve been told, that’s all… nothing more. What you’ve been told is what they’ve been told and what they’ve been told is what someone told them and it goes on and on. It’s time to break this cycle… break free from the KNOWN.

Being a good Christian or Catholic is nothing more than an idea and ideas have nothing to do with peace.

Join the revolution and step into the UNKNOWN. Forget everything you know each day when you wake up and find out what life is all about each day as a new.

What would Jesus do? I’ll tell you what he did… BUT DON’T BELIEVE ME!!!

Go find out for yourself read the Bible but don’t take it as the word of god. When you’re finished reading the Bible pick up the Quran or the Buddhist 7 Noble Truths and continue seeking the truth but for the sake of all humanity don’t ever say you KNOW the truth.

The truth, the answers to all the universe and the purpose of all humanity cannot be quantified in any book, sermon or gospel for the truth for lack of a better word is ineffable.

If you want to live in a world of peace then drop the church, don’t call yourself a Buddhist or Atheist instead of talking the talk… walk the walk. In walking the walk you understand that to connect to the absolute truth that connection is through love. If you understand this then all your actions will be from a place of love and in acting from love you are expressing the truth.

So in summary: To bring about peace in the world I have to change myself, if I can change myself I have done all I can to change the world. Living life day to day, each day a new with all my actions and words coming from a place of love not ideologies, religions or beliefs but from unconditional love… in that ACTION you are realizing peace and from that realization others will come into realization as well.

Don’t take my word for it, go find out for yourself. Examine what it is that you KNOW and examine how it is that you’ve come to know what you know, then forget it. Once you’ve done that then ask yourself what can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

Understand that question completely and you will have the answer.



I used to Climb Trees

Earlier in the week I was walking down the street practicing mindfulness. I just have to say I don’t particularly like the phrase “practicing” anything but I feel this is the best choice of words to communicate my frame of mind.

With that said… there I am walking down this neighborhood street in Tempe, Arizona and I walk by a tree. This tree I’ve passed by for several weeks now but there was something drastically different this day. To tell you the truth I’m not sure if I noticed the tree or if it noticed me.

So there I was… standing still, motionless with the exception of an occasional batting of the eyes so that I could maintain this new clarity. There was a fantastic calm and abundance of energy looking at this beautiful tree. There it stood leaning back with a lazy posture amongst the grass hugged by bushes and inhabited by a family of singing birds… there it stood alone, just like me.

As I’m observing the beautiful brown bark, green leaves and crooked twigs a rush of thoughts and emotions flooded my mind… I smiled!

I was taken back to a time in my youth were there wasn’t a tree safe in my neighborhood… if there was a tree it was going to be climbed. In what seemed like several minutes was in all actuality just a few seconds, now I was continuing on with my walk (to the bus stop).

As I sat on the bus and reflected on what had just happened and wondered to myself, when did I stop climbing trees? It has been several years since I climbed a tree… why?

I remembered how exciting it was to climb trees, the adventure I enjoyed it immensely. Up in the trees there was a different world, a different perspective, peace and quiet.

I miss those days, sitting up there squatting on my perch like a wild monkey away from the household chores, homework and the bully on the bus. I miss my sanctuary and I wonder if I can find a similar solace now that I’m an adult.

Do I have it in me to climb a tree and leave the troubles, anxieties and responsibilities of this so called life down there. Can I find my way outside of all the distractions so that I can see clearly what is really happening in the world?

I think I can…

I know I can…

Only now I don’t have to climb up a tree to get to that place, the tree and I are one… like I notice the tree, the tree notices me, I’m a reflection of the tree and the tree is a reflection of me. My sanctuary isn’t up in the trees anymore but rather inside myself, its just a matter of taking the time to go there NOW.

Seeing that tree, taking notice, being aware and observing the way I did was a reminder that I can be here right now any time I want and right now is where its all happening, this is where its at not back then or tomorrow but right now.

In order to live a life of virtue and bring about the change that is needed in our world it will be from minds that are aware of this. The change that is coming, the change that is happening right now is being nurtured and cared for by the minds that are here right now.

There are those who are still unaware there are those who still walk past the tree without taking notice but now isn’t going anywhere and the people that have awakened to the now will still be here when those are ready to be here now too.


The Petite Death and Resurrection

When I awoke this morning and immediately I found myself a bit frustrated because once again I didn’t catch myself falling asleep. For the past couple of weeks, (when I remember) I’ve been mindfully trying to observe myself falling into sleep. I normally don’t get to bed until around 2 a.m. and by then I’m exhausted so if by then I remember that I want to observe my sleep process… its a miracle!

When I do remember I get excited because I just know tonight is going to be the night… tonight I’m going to watch and observe myself fall asleep. So after the initial rush of exhilaration I lye there and I observe my thoughts. It all goes quite well for the first minute or so and then all of a sudden I’m off thinking about the most random things or reminiscing over something that happened years ago. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll catch myself 2-3 times off on a tangent thinking about something as opposed observing… it doesn’t take long before I’m waking up at 5 a.m. to go use the bathroom and I wonder where did I go wrong!

I’m not sure what I’m expecting to happen or if this is even possible. I suppose what I’m hoping for is to cultivate an ability to observe myself falling asleep right down to the moment I let go. What I’d like to be able to do is observe my thoughts not control them but observe them and as they taper off move my attention to my breath and then perhaps count down to sleep. Is this even possible? I don’t know but I’m going to find out.

If I can do this, observe my sleeping process then the next step for me is lucid dreaming.

If you really think about it when you go to sleep every night you don’t really do anything falling asleep happens of its own accord, I’m guessing this is basically how it is when death comes to you. Each night you are literally one day closer to dying but right now you have the opportunity to observe a petite death in yourself. Metaphorically speaking you die every night you go to bed so why not take advantage of that and observe?

We might also take this opportunity to let all the troubles of the previous day die with us. When you awake the next day you should awake to that moment not yesterday. When you awake to that moment stay there, that’s where you need to be, that’s where all the energy and vitality is… that’s were you belong. Think of it as your petite resurrection!

This isn’t easy to do and like I said I’m playing with it myself now but isn’t it easy to see the fortunate circumstance we find ourselves in each night. We have the opportunity to be mindful and observe something that most of us take for granted, falling asleep and waking up… the petite death and petite resurrection.

You can absolutely have a new beginning each day! Like Penelope Cruz said in the movie Vanilla Sky, “every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around”.

[[[ Sweet dreams! ]]]

What’s It Going To Take For You To Take Your Life Back?

What is it going to take for you to take your life back? When I ask this question, I see in the distance another question simultaneously arising. For me to ask, what will it take for you to take your life back implies that you had a life to begin with. So the other question that arises is, have you lived?

What is it to live, what does it mean to you? I fear for far to many people in the world the answer to that question might revolve around their work, who they know, where they’ve been, how much money they make or something to that effect. As the days go by turning from weeks to months then years (32) to be exact its gradually become clear and as of late ABSOLUTELY clear… living has nothing to do with ANYTHING I’ve been told.

From the day we’re born we go into somebody training, we’re told how to speak, what is good, what is bad, who to pray to, what people are nice and what people to be afraid of. This somebody training has another alias, its called “conditioning”. Lets take a look at what dictionary.com has to say about the word “conditioning”.


    1. Also called operant conditioning, instrumental conditioning. a process of changing behavior by rewarding or punishing a subject each time an action is performed until the subject associates the action with pleasure or distress. (link to reference page)

That’s right you, like myself have been conditioned and the only thing worse than being conditioned is not knowing your conditioned. WAIT… actually there is something even worse than not knowing you’re conditioned! What’s worse than not knowing you’re conditioned? The one thing that is far worse than not knowing you’re conditioned is finding out you are conditioned and not doing anything about it or denying it until you’re blue in the face!

I think Pink Floyld summed it up best with the song “Comfortably Numb”.

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse,
Out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to look but it was gone.
I cannot put my finger on it now.
The child is grown, the dream is gone.
I have become comfortably numb.

I’m sorry but you can have a few million dollars in the bank, a house that’s paid for in the Hollywood Hills, trophy wife, trips to Spain, Bugatti and the social life that goes with it… if you don’t recognize all of that ISN’T WHO YOU REALLY ARE… please keep it. Who wants to “live” their entire life without knowing who they really are?

These days its so easy to give your attention, your LIFE to material things. Having material things doesn’t have to be a bad thing but if you find that you are identifying yourself with them then you are setting yourself up for a rude awakening and a rude awakening is sure to come sooner than later.

The days we have here on this earth are limited and although it may seem at times that we have all the time in the world, tomorrow will be here before you know it. Before you know it you’ll be old, before you know it the friends you had won’t be around anymore, before you know it your hair will be gray and you’ll wonder where all the time went.

Its time to wake up… NOW, not tomorrow not next week but this very moment, wake up! Find it within yourself to see you’ve been led astray, recognize that you’ve only yet to discover who you truly are and the infinite possibilities within. YOU ARE the unlimited… YOU ARE the impossible, stop pretending and just be yourself. There’s no amount of money, job title, lover, wife, husband or electronic gadget that defines you… its ALL charade, don’t get distracted from your true nature.

If you’re going to play the game, play it well and play it true but don’t forget its just a game and don’t forget who you are. This is just a friendly reminder from yourself, you made the rules… you can change them too!

What’s it going to take for you to take your life back?


Finding Something To NOT Complain About Through The Power of Observation

I’d like to share with you something I’ve been noticing in myself lately, I’ve become quite the complainer! For lack of a better word I’ve been… “practicing” observation consistently for the past several weeks and out of this observation I’ve become aware of many issues in my own life and society. I’d like to note that society and I are one but for the sake of this post we’ll address them as separate issues.

You see I’ve always been a “spiritual guy” (whatever that means), reading books, listening to cd’s and tapes, I even converted to Islam for over 2 years way back in high school! With that said it wasn’t until just recently that I had an awakening. Its as though someone ran into a room where I was sleeping yelling and screaming… the house is on fire get out of bed!

I’m up, I’m up already… and there’s no going back to sleep.

I must say that I have to attribute this most recent push out of the bed to J. Krishnamurti. I can’t give him all the credit as I’ve lead a pretty healthy spiritual lifestyle up to this point but Krishnamurti definitely said what I needed to hear at the perfect time. I’ve actually been giving it some thought and if I hadn’t been reading the teachers and philosophers like Ram Dass, Alan Watts and in and out of different churches my whole life I don’t think I would have been able to comprehend what Krishnamurti has said. Its almost as though these previous years have been to prep me for this chapter of my life.

So here I am now a completely different person then I was just a month ago. I have a whole new outlook on life or better yet, I now have some insight to my conditioning and societies conditions.

What is it that sustains this insight? To put it simply observation.

I’ve heard people say it before, be mindful, be aware, live consciously, etc, etc. The truth is if you observe yourself you will gain great insight into yourself and from that insight you can see the the truth in everything. I could go on here for a few more paragraphs just how powerful this action is but I’ll just say… if you can be observant you can change everything!

I’m not in awareness 24 hours a day, not yet… but I’m there more often than not now and its miraculous what you actually see when YOU’RE THERE to see it! Its even more amazing when YOU’RE ACTUALLY THERE in awareness before words come out of your mouth! Wouldn’t it be nice to actually say what you mean with clarity?

So with my new found awareness I can see clearly just how urgent a situation the entire planet is in. We are literally going to destroy ourselves and the planet sooner than later but 99% of the worlds population is going on as if everything is just going to work itself out. In daily life now I can see the insecurities and vanity in people like never before, I can see these things because I have lived this way myself but no more! I can also see that our systems of government around the world and divisive houses of religion provide ZERO security but rather breed conflict and fear.

I can see all this clearly now as a fact not some kind of philosophical idea, it is simply the truth. Now that I can see this all happening right before my very eyes, in my neighborhood, in my city, in my state, etc., its somewhat unsettling to say the least when others around you are still asleep and some are comatose. The consciousness of the world is caught in a tacit agreement to look the other way, not say a word and pretend its not going on. So long as we have the right to vote our government will fix the problem.

This is very frustrating for a newly awakened person but as I’m observing frustration doesn’t have anything to do with the problems of the world and neither does complaining about them.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been doing a lot of just that… complaining! You know what’s the good news however… out of my observation I’m aware of it and now I nip it in the bud mid sentence at first and now when the thought to complain comes I just let it pass on by.

Surely there are problems in the world, HUGE problems and I’m thankful that I now have this clarity to see all this but to let my emotions take over so that I stand on my moral soapbox to pontificate on how things ought to be is a waste of energy and unproductive.

I don’t have the answers to world peace yet but I’m already seeing that simply being observant in ones own life can literally change your world so I’m guessing if everyone could do this, maybe the world can change.

It has to start with YOU just like it has started with me. For the sake of the world, for you kids, for your unborn great, great grand children look into this will you? Look into yourself and maybe you’ll find something to NOT complain about too.

Peace and Love,

The Thought, That Thought!


While contemplating nothing in particular maybe in the car with family or walking along the beach in beautiful southern California I came upon this thought. This initial thought began to play with the idea of thought, how does it begins and recognize itself as thought.

Suffice to say this one thought has now become a million thoughts and thinking about those thoughts gets in the way of the this thought. I’ve been falling into this trap for several thoughts now. I’m finding that not thinking about this thought that gives rise to those thoughts allows me to see thought for what it truly is… uncontrollable phenomenon!

I have no more control over my thoughts than I do over the control of the heart beating in my chest or the circulation of blood throughout my body.

These little bundles of information called thoughts are as random as the blades of grass in a field a million miles wide and a million miles deep. I don’t find myself in the field looking at each blade of grass wondering how it came to be and what’s its purpose.

If I stand back and see the entire field… the entire existence of each blade then I become aware of my observation. In this observation there aren’t any thoughts about the blades of grass or the field… there is just the observation of what is.

The thought that thought…
thought (((that thought))), was that!

But what thought…

Thought the thought of thinking that?

Peace, ~ Echo