Lucid Dreaming Techniques


I’ve been fascinated with lucid dreaming ever since I had one many years ago, getting back to that state of consciousness and mastering the ability requires great patience. It seems as though the more I try, the farther I push myself away from dream consciousness. Whenever I am lucky enough to find myself aware of the dream it’s only but an instant before I awake. What is even more frustrating is  I can never remember what it was that brought about the awareness in the first place.

In addition to the practice of lucid dreaming for the past several months I’ve been trying to catch myself falling asleep. A better phrase might be, I’ve been observing my sleep process. Its been several months now and unfortunately I seem to be at the same place I was months ago. I will say this however, I’m not discouraged. I’m guessing once I am able to flick the switch “0101 0101 111 01”, it will only take the once and then instantly I will have mastered the technique. (I’m guessing.)

In any case I’m always on the hunt for new methods and tips so I thought I’d share an interesting website I came across tonight. The website offers 6 basic steps to lucid dreaming, let me know if anyone has success.