What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?


I ask myself this question everyday… what will it take to bring about absolute peace in the world? I don’t have a fix-all solution for the world but I have come upon a realization so profound that it has dramatically changed my view of life and purpose in this world.

As a matter of fact there isn’t anything more important in my life than to investigate the human condition so that I along with everyone else might know absolute peace.

What is absolute peace?

I haven’t the slightest idea what absolute peace is… actually I do have ideas about it but that is all they are, ideas! This world that we live in has never known peace, so any notion or idea that I come up with for peace is just a concept for we have never know true world peace. For centuries we have fought amongst one another shedding blood in the name of ones religion, country, faith, etc.

It is clear that we all have ideas of what peace should look like. If you’re a Christian you will say follow the word of the Bible and you will know peace. If you are Jewish you will say follow the word of the Old Testament and you will know peace. If you are Muslim you will say follow the words of Allah and the Quran and you will surely know peace.

There are thousands and thousands of other books and religions that have ideas about what we must all do to bring about peace in this world and all of them are willing to die to prove it.

Top 5 Religions in The World

    Christian 2 Billion
    Islam 1.2 Billion
    Hinduism 785 Million
    Buddhism 360 Million
    Judaism 17 Million

What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

If you ask yourself the same question and truly understand the question completely you will see the answer is in understanding the question itself.

When I ask myself this question immediately a problem arises and for me to solve any problem I first look at what has been done that has not worked to fix the problem. Once you see what has not worked in the past you can then eliminate it and move forward, make progress.

Without casting judgment or a skewed opinion I can clearly see that looking at our history completely as a human race, all organized religions and systems of government have failed to bring about peace. I’m not stating an opinion but looking at the actual facts of our past.

I’m also not singling out any one religion and as a matter of fact I’m including all the so called non-religions too, Atheist, etc.

To see things as they actually are is not easy for most people because for most of us including myself… we’ve been conditioned to believe one thing or another from our parents, schools, etc. As a matter of fact most people will never truly be able to examine this question completely because their conditioning is so deep they can’t even understand the question and as I said above, the answer to this question is in understanding the question itself. What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

If you and I can quiet our minds if only for a moment to step outside of what we know and see things truly how they are that is in itself a miracle.

Another interesting question to put to oneself is: Why do I have to know everything?

It seems as though we are brought up with this idea that we have to know what happens to us when we die, we have to know the meaning of life, we have to know EVERYTHING. This is a fundamental flaw in the way we are all brought up.

We don’t have to know everything, there is an infinite freedom in realizing this. You know that saying “some things are better left unknown”… well it’s true. Instead of interpreting different books, scrolls and ancient text from the past how about living right now? Instead of spending countless years of ones life KNOWING what you know how about waking up each day ready to find out?

For a person to wake each day KNOWING the word of god or the purpose of all humanity is really saying something about that person. For a person to wake up each day and know for a fact without a doubt that life started in this one particular way and this is what you must do in order to secure eternal salvation is in itself doing a disservice to your beliefs.

What audacity a person would have to have to believe they have “truth”, and what a shame it is to never wake up from that state of mind.

A state of mind that reads from the same book and says the same prayers over and over again surely isn’t the mind that will bring about peace in this world rather this is a mind that has been frozen and is no longer dynamic and progressive.

The mind that is to bring about peace in this world has no ties to books, churches, nations, temples or congregations. The mind that will bring about peace in this world will come from the human being that realizes this completely and this human being will go to sleep each night knowing that when he or she wakes the next day everything he or she knew the day before has nothing to do with that new day.

So again I ask myself. What can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

I can realize that in this world, in this existence in order to change the world I must change myself. In order to bring about absolute peace in the world I cannot live my life by the interpretations of other men, I must find out for myself what it is to know peace and in the process I must not only read and explore this intellectually but I must live this in my daily life.

Living and manifesting peace in the world has nothing to do with going to church or reading a book, it has everything to do with loving everyone UNCONDITIONALLY and speaking the truth always.

Loving everyone unconditionally is not the same as what all the religions of the world teach today. What the religions of the world teach you today is to TOLERATE one another not love one another. A Christian might say he loves a Jew but this is far from the “truth”. The fact that you subscribe to one religion or another implies that the other religion is wrong and damned… this is not love but fear.

Fear has no place in the enlightenment of humanity or day to day life. Fear breads hate, war, aggression, murder and insecurity in the world. Christians fear Muslims and Jews fear Atheist and Catholics fear Hindus and the list goes on and on.

See this all for what it is… it’s what you’ve been told, that’s all… nothing more. What you’ve been told is what they’ve been told and what they’ve been told is what someone told them and it goes on and on. It’s time to break this cycle… break free from the KNOWN.

Being a good Christian or Catholic is nothing more than an idea and ideas have nothing to do with peace.

Join the revolution and step into the UNKNOWN. Forget everything you know each day when you wake up and find out what life is all about each day as a new.

What would Jesus do? I’ll tell you what he did… BUT DON’T BELIEVE ME!!!

Go find out for yourself read the Bible but don’t take it as the word of god. When you’re finished reading the Bible pick up the Quran or the Buddhist 7 Noble Truths and continue seeking the truth but for the sake of all humanity don’t ever say you KNOW the truth.

The truth, the answers to all the universe and the purpose of all humanity cannot be quantified in any book, sermon or gospel for the truth for lack of a better word is ineffable.

If you want to live in a world of peace then drop the church, don’t call yourself a Buddhist or Atheist instead of talking the talk… walk the walk. In walking the walk you understand that to connect to the absolute truth that connection is through love. If you understand this then all your actions will be from a place of love and in acting from love you are expressing the truth.

So in summary: To bring about peace in the world I have to change myself, if I can change myself I have done all I can to change the world. Living life day to day, each day a new with all my actions and words coming from a place of love not ideologies, religions or beliefs but from unconditional love… in that ACTION you are realizing peace and from that realization others will come into realization as well.

Don’t take my word for it, go find out for yourself. Examine what it is that you KNOW and examine how it is that you’ve come to know what you know, then forget it. Once you’ve done that then ask yourself what can I do to bring about absolute peace in the world?

Understand that question completely and you will have the answer.



Alan Watts Audio Lecture – On Being God 1of2

This lecture by Alan Watts is titled “On Being God”. This 2 hour lecture in 2 parts has numerous gems, one of my favorite lines has to be “Socially approved experiences of reality”.

Alan takes a look at the nature of the human mind and our interpretations of it. He looks over the many different conclusions that we’ve come up with to explain our existence. It is noted by Alan that man, no matter how hard he tries to sum up or quantify the human condition and existence these attempts in the past have all been futile. The reason being for this folly is that man is incapable to come upon and maintain the conscious attention that is needed to observe the multi faceted, numerous and unlimited states of the universe.

“The scanning process of mans conscious attention is very inadequate for dealing with the infinitely many variables the multi-dimensional processes of the universe”.

He then goes on to examine how man has fundamentally waged war on nature and the natural ways and processes of the world. It seems as though we must conquer and make nature subordinate to man. Its as though we think man is the ruler of nature and this is the natural order of things.

This is a terrible mistake.

It does seem to be a true observation by Alan, even though this lecture was over 2 decades ago it seems to hold even more truth today. From my viewpoint man is a part of nature not its custodian. We cannot bring order to nature or control it, the continued attempt to do so is a fundamental flaw in our global society.

We want to control and account for everything. We draw imaginary lines in the world and create countries separating ourselves from one another. From within those imaginary lines we then create governments and systems that are supposed to bring order and peace but as it were… looking over history none of these systems or governments have ever brought order or peace nor will they in the future.

I digress…

Later in the lecture Alan then goes on to talk about Jesus and the many different interpretations of his words and experiences. Alan’s commentary is very colorful and in my opinion on point. One of the more interesting points he sticks with is the interpretation of when Jesus said “I am a son of God”.

He goes on to talk about how the Jews made it blasphemy and the Christians said only Jesus can say that he’s the son of god. Alan points out that this is a flaw and obvious misinterpretation as we are all the son’s of god, we are all god, we are all one with god. When Jesus said “I and the father are one” he didn’t mean just him.

To know that you are god is another way to say that you feel connected with this Universe, that in everything you do you feel that you express the perfection and ultimate truth. It is when you are disconnected from that truth when you cannot see that you are by all means “God” this is when man becomes ignorant, agitated and has to try to put things in order… give reason to things.

When one sees he is perfection there is no need to explain it, there aren’t any needs for interpetations, Bibles, Qurans, Atheist, etc.

I would like to invite anyone who is interested to post your thoughts on the audio lecture. The second part to the lecture will be posted shortly after this one.


The United States of America The Stupidest Country in The Entire World


The United States of America is in fact the stupidest country in the world and this country is populated with the stupidest people on the entire planet. To hear a statement like that you might initially get offended and defensive, after all it isn’t easy to listen to someone call you stupid. But I ask you to listen and look closer to what I am saying.

The American people along with everyone else in the world hiding behind their countries flags are in fact stupid. When I say stupid I’m not referring to the regular since of the word stupid. What we are talking about here is the STUPEFIED mind. The mind of the entire consciousness of man throughout the United States, United Nations and all the rest of the world.

The minds of all mankind must be stupefied how else can we explain what is going on in the world? We have our separate countries and we are all of us very proud of our particular heritage and backgrounds. We are so proud of where we happened to have been born and raised that we justify killing one another and then we call it being a patriot.

Let us look at what it means to be stupefied shall we?


  1. to put into a state of little or no sensibility; be numb the faculties of; put into a stupor.
  2. to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.
  3. to overwhelm with amazement; astound; astonish.

I’d say that just about sums up the state of the world wouldn’t you? We have been put into a state of little or no sensibility, we are in fact numb and in a stupor. We as a collective do not question authority we take what is given to us and we are happy. We watch the evening news and witness the atrocities around the globe, our brothers and sisters everywhere suffering so much pain, starvation and disease and all we can muster is a sigh and shake our heads in disbelief. We may shake our heads in disbelief but we know its going on, its happening we don’t have to believe in anything it is a fact and we, all of us are letting it happen.

Just the same, we also watch the news and we are spoon fed remedies and solutions to fix the problems around the world. We are told that if we elect this person to office then everything is going to be alright. We are told if we take these pills and go to this church, read this book we’re going to be okay but we know everything is not okay.

Lets look at the facts.

  • The US has 5% of the world’s population and 30% of the waste.
  • The United States alone is actively fighting 3 wars.
  • Dead American soldiers since war began (3/19/03), 4244.
  • Hundreds of thousands if not over a million people are homeless every night in America.

quoteThis kinds of statistics, facts don’t just happen over night we gradually let this happen and the most horrific thing about it is we continue to let it go on. What is it that has numbed us in such a way that we all continue to let this happen?

Do we all, each one of us think we can’t do anything about it? Do we all, each one of us think we have nothing to do with it?

Perhaps that is the problem, perhaps we’ve told ourselves for so long that its beyond us as individuals, we couldn’t possibly do anything. It would be much easier to let the people in Washington D.C. handle this, they know what’s right for us.


I think not. I think if we truly search our feelings we all know that each of us is to blame, we all have to take responsibility for the way things are in the world. Let us stop what we are doing and examine how we’ve gotten to where we are.

Throughout history we’ve repeated the same patterns over and over again. From the beginning of time since before we have record of it we as human beings have been separating ourselves, dividing ourselves into tribes and nations. Why do we feel compelled to do this when it obviously breeds war and conflict?

Isn’t it obvious that if we have a world where there are separate nations there will never be peace? Isn’t it obvious that if there is a United States of America and a France, Russia, Australia, etc… this separation eventually will bring pain, war, strife, hunger, greed. Its not complicated if you look at it, its been proven for years that the mentality of US and THEM will undoubtedly eventually bring war.

No matter how good our intentions are, no matter who we put in office as president, no matter how many nuclear bombs we posses there will never be peace if we separate ourselves from one another… this is a fact.

I think that fundamentally what we all need to wake up to is the fact that you and I are the same, quite literally. You and I are no different from one another, are we? Aside from the color of skin or where I grew up, my conditioning may be different but fundamentally we are all the same. This is what we need to remember, we are all one and we are all of us connected.

We’ve been so conditioned from the day we were born to be individuals, that we are different from one another and in some way special. No doubt do we all posses something very special about ourselves but in that we’ve gotten lost, we’ve become consumed in our vanity… all of us. Its easy to see why we are all so vain from the time we came into this existence we’ve been told this is your name, this is your country, this is your religion NONE OF US have been given a chance to be who we truly are, we’ve all been conditioned and we don’t even know it. One of the saddest things is we grown-ups continue the cycle bringing more INDIVIDUALS into the world and we the ignorant breed more ignorance.

The word ignorant doesn’t quite explain it.


  1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
  2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact.
  3. uninformed; unaware.

We aren’t exactly ignorant are we, that would imply that we are without the knowledge, without the facts. The facts are we have the facts, we have all the history and information we need to see that the way we are carrying on in the world has only one possible ending… war, pain, death and sorrow. We are not ignorant of anything but rather we are ignoring everything.

Knowing this we continue to pretend we are moving forward making civilized advancement, we continue on with the stupefied mind. We allow ourselves to continue to be told what to do and where to do it. We continue to pacify our minds with new cars, homes, clothes. We continue to seek out “relationships” with one another that are for the most part meaningless projections of what you think the other person wants to see.

We continue to get married to one another with these ideas of grandeur and images of one another and then we continue to get divorced from the deception and lies we so willingly walked right into… with the stupid mind. We have ideas of what marriage and love are about but we don’t know the first thing about it. We don’t want love, we want security, we want to be able to look at someone else and know everything is going to be alright. There in LIES the problem, everything is not going to be alright and all the pretending in the world won’t change that.

We can continue to pretend all we want but nothing will change. We can come home from work sit in front of the television talk about nothing important and laugh about silly things that happened during the day but that will not stop the inevitable. The inevitable being that we cannot avoid the fear and anxiety that we all of us share.

We are all scared, we are all of us worried and frightened about the state of the world and where humanity is going. We can no longer pretend that if we hide behind our flags things are going to be alright. We can no longer pretend that if we believe in this book or the other that when we die everything is going to be alright. We can no longer pretend that its their problem and not ours!

I know you feel it just like I do… this collective anxiety. Why are we pretending like its not there and more importantly why aren’t we doing anything about it? We live in a country that has for its entire history pushed its weight around the world, taken over countries, occupied countries, initiated wars, dropped bombs, launched missiles killing innocent men, women and children. How can we live like this?

In order to change the world we must all of us change ourselves! We must not continue to accept things they way they are. We all need to unplug, deprogram, speak up, do something but in order to do that we need to fundamentally change the way we live and treat one another.

We can no longer accept our conditioning, we can no longer accept what we’ve been told. Everything you know up to this point has been told to you by someone else, by some book, by some doctrine,  by a philosophy or whatever else. We all need to investigate and learn for ourselves what is truth and what is a proper way to go about living in this world.

I don’t have the answers but I know what hasn’t worked. I know that since the beginning of time up to now the year 2009 nothing any of us has been told, nothing any of us has done is working. I know that millions of people have killed each other and died over their religious beliefs. I know for a fact that any government up to this point has not been able to bring peace to the world or anything close. I know for a fact that up to this point no prophet, guru, method or set of rules has worked. In knowing these facts, in knowing that none of these things has worked its logical to me not to repeat these same ways of living… obviously!

I have to be a light unto myself and so do you. Lets not judge one another, lets not point fingers as to who is to blame let us all just come to the agreement that nothing up to this point has worked.

If we can all of us agree that nothing has worked up to this point, no system of governing, no religion, etc. If we can agree on this then perhaps we will all realize what not to do from now on.

I implore you all to set aside your prayers, your nations, your flags, your books, your beliefs, your ignoring and change. We’re not talking about the kind of change that has been plastered all over political billboards and magazines, we’re not talking about change and hope for tomorrow… we’re talking about change right now this very instance.

This problem of the world is very serious its an emergency only we’re treating it like its not. We act as if we really believe our newly elected president is going to make a bit of real change in the world.

We’re pretending like we don’t have a voice. We do have a voice and it has nothing to do with casting a vote, it has nothing to do with going to a presidential inauguration but it has EVERYTHING to do with you as an individual. It has to do with what you are going to do today not tomorrow.

Let us leave the stupid mind behind America, let us change each one of us from within and let us then change the world.

Peace and truth,

~ Echo