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Life Story

This documentary explores Krishnamurti discovery by C.W. Leadbeater from his childhood through adulthood every detail is covered peppered with interviews of friends, followers and family.

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The Future of Humanity
(2.5 hours color)

This is a dialogue between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm which took place in Brockwood Park, England in 1983.

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What is Life?
Last Talks
(2 hours color)

The very last talks Krishnamurti gave in public before his death in February 1986.

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Different Kind of Intelligence
(6hr complete series)

There are six videos in total all over an hour each. Feel free to leave comments of what you thought of the videos content.

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The Real Revolution

Realizing the importance of bringing about a total and radical revolution of the mind Krishnamurti points out that there is a crisis in consciousness of man.

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At The End of Sorrow
is Passion
(1hr 25min color)

What is order and disorder and what is their relationship to action? If we don’t cling to a thing, then what is death?

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Ojai Q&A Session

Filmed at the orange grove in Ojai, California another dialog with J. Krishnamurti. Please feel free to leave commentary after watching.

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Malibu Q&A Session

Krishnamurti in an engaging conversation with a small group of people who came to meet with him in at a private home in Malibu, California.

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Learning to Live
Learning to Die

During this interview with Krishnamurti he talks about how death relates to living and our conditioned fear of death.

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Talks About Life
With Youth

Krishnamurti talks about a great many things including pride, meditation, attention and everything in between.

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Living Without Conflict

Can the human being live in the world without conflict? Life has become a battle a constant state of war and fighting.

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Is There Security

Krishnamurti’s speaks to a large group of people in Saanen, Switzerland 1979. The audio begins about 60 seconds into the video. This video is a must see.

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Interview with
Iris Murdoch
(1hr 40min color)

Iris Murdoch has an in depth talk with Krishnamurti about his ideas and philosophy. They talk about everything from love, desire, experiences, etc.

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Life After Death

These talks took place in the year 1979 at Brockwood in the United Kingdom. The overall theme of the discussion is life after death and reincarnation, what happens?

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(59min color)

This is an dialog that took place 1974 in California, by Prof. Allan W Andeson. The two gentlemen talk over the  topic of immortality.

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