Alan Watts Audio

The image of opposites of the diamond dew drop in the spider’s web provides a rich metaphor for culminating the world-view of Mahayana Buddhism. Alan explores the rhythm of memory, forgetting and remembering and the concept that memory is an illusion all to begin with.

He says once you realize that memory is an illusion then you become liberated but as soon as you’re liberated you have to jump back into the game of memory and start all over again. On of my favorite lines from this talk is… “The echo which is memory is simultaneously what tells you you exist and its what traps you.”

The taped lectures of Alan Watts have inspired a generation. Few people in the middle of the century spoke as eloquently as Watts about Zen. Watts, an Episcopal priest who became a Zen scholar, was an accomplished stylist; his penetrating vision of Buddhism remains, and his lectures become brilliant prose in audio form.

Listen to Alan watts colorful commentary of the Middle Way. According to the Buddha, the Middle Way is a life lived between the extremes of self-denial and self-indulgence. Neither hedonist nor ascetic are to be imitated, for the Noble Eightfold Path weaves its way through life avoiding both these unenlightened lifestyles.

To see the world in the light of the Buddhadharma is to have Right View, not only recognizing the suffering that is caused by desire, but also the Path that leads to the ending of all such suffering, based in the Right Intention to let go of lust, ill-will, and cruelty.

To transcend duality or at least play with it, that is what Alan Watts proposes in this fantastic audio lecture. Alan explains the natural nature of duality man, woman, up and down, etc.

Wisdom of the Mountains is an in depth lecture by Alan Watts explaining the many different paths and schools of Buddhism.


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