About Degrees of Emotion

Degrees of Emotion, the name pretty much says it all. What would bring a man like the monk in the image above to burn himself alive in protest? This is an example of the kinds of questions we would like to investigate with you.

In a world full of so much uncertainty and doubt its easy to get lost in the chaos of our emotions. Let us examine ourselves and find the source of our emotions. Whether it be hate, jealousy, greed, lust, pride, happiness or violence we can trace all our emotions back to either love or fear.

Can we examine how it is we interact with one another so that we might bring about change within ourselves, each one of us? Can we have a dialog here where we put aside our personal beliefs? Can we forget everything we’ve been told by other people so that we can have a fresh mind and sterile environment to observe what is really going on?

If you would like to share and talk with one another with an open mind then let this be a sanctuary for our dialog. Leave everything you know behind and let us walk together to investigate truth.

We live in a world full of fear and have taken refuge behind our nationalities, religions, books, intellect, etc. Look at our religions, our ideologies, our United States, our United Nations… they’ve all failed. How can we bring about peace in the world and live our lives without fear?

Let us begin our conversation and let us bring light to our fears so that we can reveal the love in each one of us.


~ Echo, Degrees of Emotion


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