Alan Watts Audio Lecture – On Being God 1of2

This lecture by Alan Watts is titled “On Being God”. This 2 hour lecture in 2 parts has numerous gems, one of my favorite lines has to be “Socially approved experiences of reality”.

Alan takes a look at the nature of the human mind and our interpretations of it. He looks over the many different conclusions that we’ve come up with to explain our existence. It is noted by Alan that man, no matter how hard he tries to sum up or quantify the human condition and existence these attempts in the past have all been futile. The reason being for this folly is that man is incapable to come upon and maintain the conscious attention that is needed to observe the multi faceted, numerous and unlimited states of the universe.

“The scanning process of mans conscious attention is very inadequate for dealing with the infinitely many variables the multi-dimensional processes of the universe”.

He then goes on to examine how man has fundamentally waged war on nature and the natural ways and processes of the world. It seems as though we must conquer and make nature subordinate to man. Its as though we think man is the ruler of nature and this is the natural order of things.

This is a terrible mistake.

It does seem to be a true observation by Alan, even though this lecture was over 2 decades ago it seems to hold even more truth today. From my viewpoint man is a part of nature not its custodian. We cannot bring order to nature or control it, the continued attempt to do so is a fundamental flaw in our global society.

We want to control and account for everything. We draw imaginary lines in the world and create countries separating ourselves from one another. From within those imaginary lines we then create governments and systems that are supposed to bring order and peace but as it were… looking over history none of these systems or governments have ever brought order or peace nor will they in the future.

I digress…

Later in the lecture Alan then goes on to talk about Jesus and the many different interpretations of his words and experiences. Alan’s commentary is very colorful and in my opinion on point. One of the more interesting points he sticks with is the interpretation of when Jesus said “I am a son of God”.

He goes on to talk about how the Jews made it blasphemy and the Christians said only Jesus can say that he’s the son of god. Alan points out that this is a flaw and obvious misinterpretation as we are all the son’s of god, we are all god, we are all one with god. When Jesus said “I and the father are one” he didn’t mean just him.

To know that you are god is another way to say that you feel connected with this Universe, that in everything you do you feel that you express the perfection and ultimate truth. It is when you are disconnected from that truth when you cannot see that you are by all means “God” this is when man becomes ignorant, agitated and has to try to put things in order… give reason to things.

When one sees he is perfection there is no need to explain it, there aren’t any needs for interpetations, Bibles, Qurans, Atheist, etc.

I would like to invite anyone who is interested to post your thoughts on the audio lecture. The second part to the lecture will be posted shortly after this one.



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thanks for the post,very enlightening because I have always felt that the church was just a mind control that has amassed incredible wealth over the last 2000 years while preaching selflessness, countries and empires go to war and rise and fall but the church expands.

Comment by patrick b.

Agreed, in one name or another the church a.k.a. religion rears its divisive head over and over again. Ironically whatever new name given to whatever a new set of beliefs, or old set of beliefs, the results are always the same… Us vs. Them.


Comment by Michael-Echo Roberson

so lets do something. anytime a fellow mans or WOMANS rights are being taken away lets defend them to our own detriment if needed. it might not mean to death maybe we are supposed to continually focus our awareness on peace. less than one half of one percent of us can help this planet evolve to a place of peace where sites like this are redundant since there is no longer closed minded controlling masses waiting to hurl accusations if you dont obey what they think is right for everyone else. im a white woman and we have some crackers in fl who arent playing. this poor black man was picked up for looking like a man who robbed a radio shack they watched the tape and it wasnt him, but he had a pocket knife so they arrested him for a concealed weapon. my grandfather carried a pocket knife everyday of his life from age 5. u need them to cut up fruit if ur hungry. what the hell has our free country come too? meanwhile this man sits in jail. and the corrections officers are worse criminals than the poor saps in jail

Comment by cristina

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