Terence McKenna – Video, Seeking The Stone

The first time I ever heard Terence McKenna speak it was probably about 2 months ago, it was a video on youtube of Terence explaining what a DMT trip is like. His vivid explanation and animated voice immediately had my attention but after watching the video I must have gotten distracted because it wasn’t until now I decided to try to find more of his work.

Having experimented with several hallucinogens in the past myself I was very keen on hearing more of what Terence had to say. So in my research one of the first videos I came across was the one I’d like to share with you today, the video is called “seeking the stone”.

This video features Terence talking to a group of people at what I’m guessing is a Hilton hotel conference hall. He opens up the talks with his funny and light demeanor quickly setting the audience at ease. Its funny because Terence actually jokes a couple of times during the first part of the video that this group was full of all sorts of people but they’re so open minded there are people here who probably actually think they are from another planet.

The topic of Terences talk has to do with the wold of hallucinogens in particular psilocybin mushrooms. Terence goes on to explains his views and even takes us back several thousands of years to give a detailed description of how he thinks man evolved from the trees, to who we are today. Basically Terence sticks with the ideas of evolution but he adds that our early relatives regularly ate psilocybin mushrooms as part of their diets because of the climate and as a result the social structure was vastly different than we see today.

One of the most notable differences that got my attention was the idea that societies back then were not monogamous but rather a society where orgies were a regular thing. He also goes on to point out that in the societies of our ancestors when children were born the entire community took care of the children. Back in the day there weren’t any possessions for example ownership of a spouse or lover… everything was community and there were no boundaries.

I know what you’re thinking… these concepts to you are very alien and quite odd I’m sure but that reaction isn’t surprising. Our minds don’t know anything else but what we’ve been conditioned to think, I on the other hand am rather fascinated and interested in what a society would of actually been like if the climate and conditions that Terence explains actually existed. It doesn’t seem to far fetched to me that yes we civilized humans thousands of years ago had no boundaries and the idea of husband, wife, job, etc., were non existent.

Later in the video Terence delves deeper and brings us back to the present moment and his concern for the state of mankind as it is in the world today. It is his contingency that the entire existence of humanity is in great danger and its obvious that if we continue on the current path living the way we do, killing the earth, killing one another, etc., we are doomed.

I wish it weren’t the case but I happen to agree with Terence. I don’t know about things coming to a climax in the year 2012 but we are definitely accelerating toward the inevitable. How can we wake up the whole of humanity so that we can save ourselves from ourselves? I don’t know that psychedelics are the answer to this but I’m certainly open to the idea that psychedelics can be used to help bring some of us out of our slumber.

In any case I’ll leave you to the video and give you the opportunity to chime in with your own thoughts. Please feel free to comment after you’ve watched and had a chance to absorb what Terence has said.

Peace and Unity.


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