Krishnamurti Video – Can We Together Create A Good Society

This is the 2nd of 12 videos in the series “What Love is Not”, this particular video is titled “What Can We Do Together To Create a Good Society?”

In the beginning of the video -K- recaps on the previous days discussion touching on the topic of thinking together. He emphasizes how important it is to put ones own history, dogmas and beliefs behind so that the group can think together.

He then asks us to examine the very nature of thought. If we look closely we can see that thought itself has been conditioned. The very nature of thought as we know it is an evolutionary process our thoughts are always trying to do something or be something.

-K-, then asks us to ask ourselves, psychologically is there a tomorrow? If we find that there isn’t a tomorrow psychologically what then is the relationship between 2 humans?

It seems that over time we as humans have accepted the idea that gradually with time things will get better. It is also apparent that measurement has become extremely important to societies around the world. This becomes notably clear when you see the individuals mentality within a society is… what one was, what one is and what one will be. This is all measured in time.

If you can see this then one must ask is there psychologically time at all or has thought invented time psychologically?

Is it possible that thought has invented time because it is trifling and lazy? Thought doesn’t want to deal with what is happening right now, thought puts a plan together to fix whatever the problem is in the future, down the road somewhere. If you examine this closely you will see that this is how we’ve been taught to think, this is a reflection of our conditioning. It goes the same for us here in America as it does in Africa, Europe or wherever else, the root of this is the conditioned mind.

-K-, then briefly looks at the history of mankind and how we’ve tried to create perfect and peaceful societies. He compares the systems that were put in place by the ancient Greeks and Hindus. Both of these systems were independent of one another and for a time succeeded but as any system or idea that is implemented into society both of them eventually failed.

Now here we are today in present society, can we together create a good society?

If we are to bring about a peaceful and good society will it come about from some set of ideas or a system or is it something that has to happen immediately with us thinking together?

If we are thinking together is time involved in bringing about this new society or is that something our minds have been conditioned to think?

Please do watch this video and ad your comments. Tell me what you like or didn’t like about it, let talk and investigate together.



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