Krishnamurti Video – Is there a way out?

The beginning of this video starts off like most Krishnamurti videos, he asks the audience to think and investigate together. I must say however that this particular introduction is the best one I’ve seen to date. The attention that -K- demands is amazing.

In order to think together -K- points out that one must let go of all oppositions, accepting or denying. In order to think together there cannot be your thinking and my thinking, separate… it is together thinking. He goes on to explain either you understand it as a intellectual concept which then becomes your concept and the others concept drawing from all your previous experiences and the other drawing from their previous experiences and you both intellectually reach separate conclusions. That is not thinking together.

To think together there cannot be any barrier between your thinking and the others thinking… you have to do it together. If you can think in this way where there is nothing personal then you can move forward to investigate questions together. This movement is a totally different quality of insight into a problem and you can see things for how they really are.

Is it possible for you and another or for any 2 people or group of people to actually do this? Can you put aside all of your previous experience and judgments so that your mind and the others can come together?


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Great stuff, Echo. Thanks. This little space of yours on the internets is so inspiring. 🙂

Comment by Claudia

You and I are one and in saying that you inspire me as well. Thank you for your kind words.

Love and Peace.

Comment by casualtyofdesign

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