Krishnamurti Video – The Nature of The Mind 1of4

Welcome to the first of 4 videos, this series is entitled “The Nature of the Mind”. Joining Krishnamurti for this discussion is David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake and John Hidley. The video starts of with Krishnamurti asking the question, is disorder the very nature of the self? From there the gentlemen look together at the very nature of suffering and disorder in the individual.

One interesting question that comes up in the dialog is, is there a difference between physical pain and phycological pain? They also look into the pain and suffering of animals in comparison to mankind. For instance when a Lion or Tiger kills its prey is that condidered pain? We as human beings go on killing each other on a daily basis in wars, fighting, etc., how is that different from the animals in the wild? In other words, perhaps it is in our nature to be violent and cause suffering?

This dialog is full of very interesting and profound questions and are examined with great care by all four men. This is just the first video in the series, stay tuned for the other videos to be posted this week.

As always you are encouraged to comment on the video and ask any question that may arise.



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