Finding Something To NOT Complain About Through The Power of Observation

I’d like to share with you something I’ve been noticing in myself lately, I’ve become quite the complainer! For lack of a better word I’ve been… “practicing” observation consistently for the past several weeks and out of this observation I’ve become aware of many issues in my own life and society. I’d like to note that society and I are one but for the sake of this post we’ll address them as separate issues.

You see I’ve always been a “spiritual guy” (whatever that means), reading books, listening to cd’s and tapes, I even converted to Islam for over 2 years way back in high school! With that said it wasn’t until just recently that I had an awakening. Its as though someone ran into a room where I was sleeping yelling and screaming… the house is on fire get out of bed!

I’m up, I’m up already… and there’s no going back to sleep.

I must say that I have to attribute this most recent push out of the bed to J. Krishnamurti. I can’t give him all the credit as I’ve lead a pretty healthy spiritual lifestyle up to this point but Krishnamurti definitely said what I needed to hear at the perfect time. I’ve actually been giving it some thought and if I hadn’t been reading the teachers and philosophers like Ram Dass, Alan Watts and in and out of different churches my whole life I don’t think I would have been able to comprehend what Krishnamurti has said. Its almost as though these previous years have been to prep me for this chapter of my life.

So here I am now a completely different person then I was just a month ago. I have a whole new outlook on life or better yet, I now have some insight to my conditioning and societies conditions.

What is it that sustains this insight? To put it simply observation.

I’ve heard people say it before, be mindful, be aware, live consciously, etc, etc. The truth is if you observe yourself you will gain great insight into yourself and from that insight you can see the the truth in everything. I could go on here for a few more paragraphs just how powerful this action is but I’ll just say… if you can be observant you can change everything!

I’m not in awareness 24 hours a day, not yet… but I’m there more often than not now and its miraculous what you actually see when YOU’RE THERE to see it! Its even more amazing when YOU’RE ACTUALLY THERE in awareness before words come out of your mouth! Wouldn’t it be nice to actually say what you mean with clarity?

So with my new found awareness I can see clearly just how urgent a situation the entire planet is in. We are literally going to destroy ourselves and the planet sooner than later but 99% of the worlds population is going on as if everything is just going to work itself out. In daily life now I can see the insecurities and vanity in people like never before, I can see these things because I have lived this way myself but no more! I can also see that our systems of government around the world and divisive houses of religion provide ZERO security but rather breed conflict and fear.

I can see all this clearly now as a fact not some kind of philosophical idea, it is simply the truth. Now that I can see this all happening right before my very eyes, in my neighborhood, in my city, in my state, etc., its somewhat unsettling to say the least when others around you are still asleep and some are comatose. The consciousness of the world is caught in a tacit agreement to look the other way, not say a word and pretend its not going on. So long as we have the right to vote our government will fix the problem.

This is very frustrating for a newly awakened person but as I’m observing frustration doesn’t have anything to do with the problems of the world and neither does complaining about them.

Over the past several weeks I’ve been doing a lot of just that… complaining! You know what’s the good news however… out of my observation I’m aware of it and now I nip it in the bud mid sentence at first and now when the thought to complain comes I just let it pass on by.

Surely there are problems in the world, HUGE problems and I’m thankful that I now have this clarity to see all this but to let my emotions take over so that I stand on my moral soapbox to pontificate on how things ought to be is a waste of energy and unproductive.

I don’t have the answers to world peace yet but I’m already seeing that simply being observant in ones own life can literally change your world so I’m guessing if everyone could do this, maybe the world can change.

It has to start with YOU just like it has started with me. For the sake of the world, for you kids, for your unborn great, great grand children look into this will you? Look into yourself and maybe you’ll find something to NOT complain about too.

Peace and Love,


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I see myself and my own thoughts in much of what you say and write. It is comforting to know that there are others who understand K as I do, and your ability to put your thoughts into words is a gift.
Thank You!

Comment by Deanna

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