Zencast 196 – The Light That Reveals


Christopher Titmuss gives a powerful and insightful 30 minute lecture that will surely keep your attention. At the end of the lecture I had to go back and listen again and again to certain parts to grasp fully what was said. I really like how he draws the comparison between the consciousness and the objects we cling to and identify with. At one point the question is asked, what is it to become a better person? He so eloquently points out that becoming a better person has to do with having a better relationship with the objects.

The objects vary from person to person, there are billions of different objects… which ones do you identify with? Even if you’re a “serious” person who meditates if you look at it closely enough your object might become the breathe or yoga, these things are nice but still they are objects. One of my favorite lines from this podcast is the following excerpt.

Surely the wonder of life, the majesty and the magnificence of it is not the object. Its the capacity of consciousness to shed light on it. The fact that consciousness exists and abides on this earth and it has the function to reveal, and without the consciousness it can’t reveal what we call sight, sounds, smells, taste, touch, it can’t reveal feelings, thoughts, moods. Unless there is a consciousness to reveal it. So what is revealed is brought together, is harmonized its comes together not because the objects are so different but because they meet somewhere… and the meeting place is consciousness.

So what’s our huge error as a human being? We’ve misplaced the appropriate place of attention, the appropriate place of interest and we’ve put it on the object and we have forgotten to an enormous cost because it inhibits our enlightenment. We have forgotten that its not the object which matters its not the revealed that is significant its my god… this is which is revealing.

Please have a listen and let me know what you think I’d definitely be interested in a discussion on this topic.

~ Echo


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Thanks for the heads up about your blog. I just recently found out about Alan Watts and find him very interesting. I’m sorry to hear he has passed. Would love to have seen more from him.

Anywhozzle Thanks again for the heads up!

Comment by Sister Joyous Whip of Enlightenment

You bet swing by anytime feel free to join the dialogs.


~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

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