The Thought, That Thought!


While contemplating nothing in particular maybe in the car with family or walking along the beach in beautiful southern California I came upon this thought. This initial thought began to play with the idea of thought, how does it begins and recognize itself as thought.

Suffice to say this one thought has now become a million thoughts and thinking about those thoughts gets in the way of the this thought. I’ve been falling into this trap for several thoughts now. I’m finding that not thinking about this thought that gives rise to those thoughts allows me to see thought for what it truly is… uncontrollable phenomenon!

I have no more control over my thoughts than I do over the control of the heart beating in my chest or the circulation of blood throughout my body.

These little bundles of information called thoughts are as random as the blades of grass in a field a million miles wide and a million miles deep. I don’t find myself in the field looking at each blade of grass wondering how it came to be and what’s its purpose.

If I stand back and see the entire field… the entire existence of each blade then I become aware of my observation. In this observation there aren’t any thoughts about the blades of grass or the field… there is just the observation of what is.

The thought that thought…
thought (((that thought))), was that!

But what thought…

Thought the thought of thinking that?

Peace, ~ Echo


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Very deep thoughts you have there.

I, myself, find I’m attracted to Ideas. I love the idea of Ideas!
I wonder why some are followed thought on and why other are not.

Lots of other wonders as well.

Peace! : ]

Comment by Sister Joyous Whip of Enlightenment

LOL… great comment!

I suppose ideas are quite fascinating, just think about it… if you come up with a great idea the best part about it is sharing it with others. It’s like you’ve got a mental compressed package of your thoughts that reach a certain conclusion, solve a problem or create one! If your idea is accepted by another person or group its almost like you’ve given them an upgrade… YOU 2.0!

You know what’s even better than you coming up with an idea?

When you can think with someone else and come up with an idea together. An idea so spontaneous that you couldn’t say who came up with it first even if you tried.

To great ideas!

~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

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