What Does The Truth Mean To You?


The world and all of its inhabitants are at a critical juncture right now. We are living our daily lives on this beautiful blue planet in the midst of the deep, dark vastness of cold space. Such a fortunate chain of events to be here typing on this keyboard communicating with potentially anyone in the world.

Is this really happening right now or am I the only one who sees how unbelievably amazing this life really is?

If any of us walk outside and just notice the smallest blade of grass it has so many complex and fascinating functions going on, how did this come to be? From a blade of grass to a bumble bee and forest full of Red Wood trees, there is amazement and “the impossible” all around us yet none of us seem to take any notice.

earthHave we become so conditioned and desensitized that the oceans, skies and green earth have no significance anymore? All of us the entire world is looking to the horizon for bigger and better things, a new car, a new house, fancy clothes and for what?

We’ve taken refuge in the shallow materialistic illusions that are spoon fed to us daily via the internet, magazines and television. Is anyone else out there wondering… where is all this going, how much longer can we keep this facade up?

What is our purpose, its not to accumulate wealth, iPhones, Gucci purses, Rolex watches, etc. These things can’t really be the reason all the stars in this galaxy are in the exact right place for you and I to be breathing!

We all have a purpose on this earth but it seems as though year by year with each new software upgrade and American Idol superstar we are getting further and further away from any kind of purpose at all.

Can’t we see how unbelievably fortunate we are to be alive? Not only are we alive but we’re conscious of this… WOW! Think of all the things that had to happen in the universe in order for you to be sitting there right now reading this blog post! Are you kidding me, this is quite literally a miracle only we’re living like its not.

If we truly lived the miracle would there be war, hunger… shopping malls?

Why are we living such shallow lives when there are deep oceans of discovery and love available to us? We have been bestowed the most precious gift in the universe this planet and the privilege to live consciously but all we want to do is war and battle as to how it all into existence. Why are we so focused on spreading the “good word” (speculation) of how this earth came to be? Why are we dwelling and guessing on the past when we have everything we need RIGHT NOW?

For me to keep my sanity I’ve got to believe that people really don’t believe what they’re reading when they open a Bible, Quran, Torah or any other book of this nature.

The survival of humanity is not in any book and its certainly not in a church but it is in your neighbors eyes. Look at your fellow man, brother and sister… look right in their eyes. Can you not see yourself looking right back? We all have the same fears and anxieties, the collective consciousness is alive. We need to connect with one another not tell each other how it is and how its going to be. None of us know and all the pointing to the sky, reading in your books and lighting inscense is going to help.

We’ve lost touch with one another, we need to wake up! The truth isn’t out there somewhere, its not in next years promotion at your job, the truth isn’t in a new pair of shoes or wrapped in a present under a tree.

religionsThe truth is all around us always has been so lets start living like it. Wake up, wake up the people around you, wake up your family get off the maintenance program and unplug. The whole world needs fixing but you can start with yourself right now. If you belong to a church look at it for what it is… separation from the rest of us. If you truly want peace in the world then you must realize that it isn’t possible in a world of US and THEM.

A world where there are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhist, Amish, etc., there will never be peace… how could there be? One might say, well you don’t have to believe what I believe I will still love you but that is the furthest thing from the truth. The religions of the world don’t love one another they tolerate one another at best. Tolerance is not love, love is healing and manifest beauty and bliss as tolerance breeds insecurity, armies and war.

Are you really ready for the truth? Well if you are get out there and find out for yourself! If you search your feelings and are honest with yourself you’ll come to see as I have attaching a label to yourself, wearing a cross or star of David around your neck has nothing to do with the truth but everything to do with… what you’ve been told.

Don’t do what you’ve been told since you where born, don’t do what they tell you to do on television… find out what the truth is for yourself. Please find out what the truth is for the sake of the world.


~ Echo


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I am one of those who has always lived and believed what I have been told, so one day I ventured out and started looking for the truth, as you call it, by myself. I still ended up reaching very similar conclusions. In fact, my faith is now stronger than it ever was, because I have gone through the whole process again on my own. I have faith that God did indeed create this amazing universe, and I do believe the Bible to be the inspired word of such a God delivered through people.

Faith is not the same as religion. Faith allows God to be God, and other men to make their own choices and follow their own paths in life. Religion seeks to control and manipulate people; to coerce them into adopting a set of beliefs and rules. True Faith leads to peace and love towards others. Religion leads to wars, pride and destruction.

I am sorry that people reading their bibles threatens your sanity. If you are so sure of its lack of value, you should not be threaten by it. As you wish others to respect you, allow them also to believe what they will. The key is not in denying God’s existence or the authenticity of the Bible, the key to peace in this world is in polishing our own act and growing our own character before we even dare to point at the evil in our neighbour’s life or actions.

May I encourage you to read my post entitled “Stop Press! This will blow your mind” which also dwells on the absolute beauty and mystery of our wonderful universe, through amazing pictures and awesome video footage.

I hope you like it,

Best regards,

ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com

Comment by ransom33

A’hoy Ransom33 and thanks for dropping by!

Errr let me begin by making sure we’re both looking at one another eye to eye. I’m not here to judge you or tell you what to do I am however humbly asking you to look into this with me… the both of us together. If we can’t put our differences, beliefs and faith aside for the purpose of this discussion then there really isn’t any point we’ll both end up in exactly the same place we started. So in saying that let us leave the past behind us and devote complete and total attention to our dialog… if we can?

For the purpose of this conversation and the potential for new discovery lets leave the upbringing, books and what we’ve been told aside for now anyways. If we can do this just listen to one another perhaps we’ll both come upon truth.

To start our NEW dialog for the purposes of discovery let me begin with just one question and then perhaps that will give us a direction to continue forward.

You said:

“I ventured out and started looking for the truth, as you call it, by myself. I still ended up reaching very similar conclusions.”

My question to you and please if you can take your time and really dive into it. Try not to reference any teachings from this book or the other but ask yourself this question, sit with it and reply from a place you’ve never gone before… really try to come up with an answer that you wouldn’t have yesterday.

Can the secrets of this life, the mysteries of the universe, the overwhelming power of love and the glory of “god” have a conclusion?

~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign


When I spoke about “reaching the same conclusions”, I was merely referring to the fact that I believe that God exists, that He created the universe and everything in it and that his son Jesus Christ, died for our sins and so that we could be reconciled to the Father.

With regards to your question: the secrets of life, the mysteries of the universe, the power of love and the glory of God are by their very nature mysterious and unfathomable of course, but the fact for me remains that God IS, Jesus is ALIVE and apart from God and the guidance of his word, I can do nothing, nothing of value or significance.

May I invite you to read my last post which talks precisely about the very unfathomable and untameable nature of God. We know much about God through his word, but what many forget is that there is still so very much more that we don’t.

I would welcome any comments to any of my posts.

I really appreciate your time and the fact that you took the trouble to answer my comment.

Thank you,

ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com

Comment by ransom33

Hi again Ransom33!
We’re not looking at this together and that’s what the format of this blog is. All participants have to attend to what is being said sans previous knowledge, beliefs and faith. Its not for everyone and that’s fine. The invitation is always open so if you find that you can at any point set aside your regular patterns or system of beliefs and look with me unbiased please do come back.

Anyone reading this post please do check out RANSOM33’S blog if you’d like. http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com

~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

A good article, generally.

Well, believing ends our life in conclusions. Hence, we remain Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims etc.
It’s like a river ends into a bog.
War and destructions are going on…

However, there exist some kind of fingerpost, directory to go to truth anywhere. Even in the Bible we can find that.

Comment by natura

Coming to conclusions… that’s one thing I’m working on currently. I catch myself all the time “ah ha I figured it out” both the big things and the little. I think if a person can just observe that’s where the magic is.

That’s my conclusion on that anyways! 🙂


~ Echo

Comment by casualtyofdesign

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