Abraham Hicks – Appreciation Is Love In Action


What does it mean to be appreciative? Are appreciation and gratitude a part of your daily life? I myself find that it is very easy to let the days and weeks go by without taking the time to do a little self inventory. When I do stop to appreciate the wonderful people and blessings in my life its apparent to me that setting this time aside is a wonderful gift to myself.

happyfamilyIt’s easy these days to let the problems of the world weigh you down. With all the constant bombardment of sensationalized news, bills, obligations, debts, expectations, etc., what you don’t have and what you might be able to get if you work a little harder are always slapping you in the face!

It all comes back to being in the moment. Just think of how good you feel when you take the time to appreciate what you do have… your kids, your partner, your health, etc. Imagine if you can be in that place of appreciation all the time. Can you? Instead of worrying about this temporary distraction or the other, what’s going to happen tomorrow. If we can take our minds back from the past, and not worry about the future we’d have a lot more energy to appreciate what we have right now!

Here is a video clip of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham, Abraham is discussing the topic of appreciation. Its a very insightful talk, whether you believe in channeling or not listen to the message… who’s delivering it really isn’t important.

~ Echo


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