What Will It Take For There To Be Peace In The World?


Is peace in the world possible? A very simple question but much more complicated answer. The other problem is for as many people that are asked this question there are sure to be just as many answers which then gives rise to another question… Is there more than one solution to world peace?

This is a slippery slope we’re heading up/down but no matter how you want to look at it, its of the utmost urgency that we figure it out soon.

Our planet is comprised of 195 separate nations all of which have their own governments, cultures, languages and history. The majority of the nations in the world are ruled by what we call democratic governments all of which are setup with the idea that the citizens of each respective nation have equal say in electing government officials who will eventually make the countries laws and policies.

Lets see… we live on this single planet, as far as we know the only planet capable of sustaining life in the entire universe. This big beautiful blue speck full of life in the middle of the cold vastness of space. Here we are the 6 billion of us not even a grain of sand relative to the deep reaches of space… lucky to be here would be an understatement. Its apparent we’ve forgotten or we don’t care just how lucky we actually are. If we lived in appreciation of this wonderful miracle of a planet how could we possibly go on the way we do?

If we were truly aware and awake to this wonderful gift of life, what significance would money have in this world? If we were truly thankful for this planet we live on, this wonderful glorious planet how could there possibly be such a thing as a nuclear weapon or a country that makes them?

What has happened to us, where and when did we forget that we are all part of a whole? With all of the division on the planet can we not see that we are doomed to destroy ourselves?

“No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves. -Ojibwa saying”

195 separate nations all of which are divided even more within those nations. What role does a nation have in the survival of the planet for which we ALL live on? What possible good comes from these imaginary  lines that we have drawn? Why have we built fortresses and walls around ourselves dividing ourselves from our brothers and sisters?

Can we not see that the man and wife, mother and daughter on the other side of the planet share the same basic needs we do? Why do we let fear control the way we live our daily lives? Dr. Wayne Dyer brought up a good point recently. He pointed out that the same guy who would run over to pull you out of a burning house is the same guy that works at the bank who would foreclose on your home.

There are enough resources in the world for everyone to live a comfortable and peaceful life but we are killing, raping and destroying the very planet that gives us life. In addition to that we’re lost and disconnected from one another. We don’t see the connection between all of us, what is it going to take to get everyone to see we are all connected?

So I ask you with all the division in the world, with our 195 nations, countless states, numerous religions, governments, etc., is peace possible in the world?

~ Echo


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